We’re baaaaaaack!

March 10, 2019

We’re baaaaaaack! And we hope you are loving the new look for our site, because, if anyone knows the value of a good makeover, it’s us!

Today we want to talk about a special moment for every bride- that magical moment when your mom, grandma, sister, or whoever you want by your side, helps you into your wedding gown. 

For months, you have likely planned for the moment when you will walk down the aisle in your dream gown, revealing your bridal look for the first time to your beloved, and your friends and family.  But, have you thought about that special time for getting ready? 

With your mom by your side, it’s like the ultimate big girl dress-up experience!  And no dress-up experience is complete without hair and makeup to complement your gown and complete the look. You will definitely want your photographer there to capture this moment and you want to be sure you look your best! 

Investing in professional hair and makeup ensures that you are radiant and confident, as we ensure every detail is picture-perfect! Brides anticipate tearing up when they see their groom on the day of the wedding, but we have heard many brides say, “I didn’t realize this would be so emotional!” when it comes to putting on the gown. We can assure you that professional makeup will guarantee your look will last through the tears, and you’ll be aisle-ready, even if the waterworks start in the dressing room.  

Additionally, we can also schedule time for hair and makeup for your mom if you wish, so you both look and feel beautiful, even after the tears are flowing.