"The girls at Primp make people feel like QUEENS! They are so sweet & did such an incredible job. Thank you girls!"

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Ashlee + Heather

Meet Ashlee

Haaaay y'all! I'm Ashlee Bivins (Ash, Ash Biv, makeup girl) co-owner and Lead Makeup Artist at Primp and I'm so excited you found our page and want to get to know us. Let's break it down so you can scan through this!

Ashlee Career Facts:

  • Licensed esthetician
  • Trained with Mac (4+ years)
  • Stila Cosmetics Tulsa Education Artist (1 year)
  • But most importantly I am trained in AIRBRUSH!!!
  • Experience in fashion shows, commercials, weddings, and all types of photo shoots
  • I have been in the Tulsa wedding industry for 14 years
  • Long-lasting makeup is my specialty

Ashlee Personal Facts:

  • First and foremost- My faith is strong
  • I married my best friend 20 years ago, Jay Bivins. He is the absolute bees knees.
  • Two beautiful babies call me "momma", Braydin (19 years old) and Jaylee (13 years old)
  • I pay for an OSU tuition for my son, which now makes me a Pokes Fan *PISTOLS FIRING​*
  • If I am not at Primp I am probably at my other business, Sprayd Airbrush Tanning
  • The weekends I am not boked with weddings I am camping with my camp friends (There are 8+ couples in our travel trailer fleet)
  • In the off-season I work to travel, the Caribbean and Vegas are my TOP TWO
  • I collect trucker hats and cowboy boots and drink dirty martinis and lavender lattes
  • I am always listening to Lauren Daigle

I LOVE what I do. Pouring into women is why the Lord put me in this business, I have no doubt. AND I get to work with my best friend every day, haaaaaay! I cannot wait to connect with you and bring you into our tribe.

xoxo, Ash

Meet Heather

Hey Lovelies💕 I am Heather Valentine (Heath, hair chic). I am all things Hair and co-boss babe of Primp. Let’s start with the need-to-know stuff. I’m a licensed cosmo with 15 plus years in the industry. My beauty education started in Chicago and wrapped up in St. Louis. My career started in the traditional fashion with cuts, colors and even the occasional perm. Although, I enjoy all hair services except PERMS, I later discovered my passion in styling and extensions. I spent many high school dances crying because I didn’t like my hair…I know..I know….Drama Queen 😂. I want to make sure every single person who is in my chair loves the way they look and feel! I’ve honed my styling skills to build volume, give curls that last and tame even the unruliest manes! I love connecting with ladies and being included in their milestones such as their Prom, wedding or even first date. So many times, these ladies become friends. It truly is the greatest job!

When I’m not working, I am usually loving on my family. My kiddos and hubby keep me on my toes. We love baseball ( GO CARDS♥️), hanging with friends and traveling new places!! I love the beach, my family loves mountains and lakes. You’ll catch me listening to Miranda Lambert most of the time. I collect cowboy boots, perfume and anything with bling. I shop too much and enjoy a dirty martini 🍸 every now and then. Now you know me..can’t wait to get to know you!

xoxo, Heather

Ashlee + Heather

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My favorite tan!! The ✨hydration✨ tan! This one is perfect for literally everyone and makes your glow absolutely stunning everytime!!
The classic tan! Perfect for fair skin and the girls who need just a little bit of glow! 🫶✨🤍🌷
FLAMINGOS ARE OUR FAVORITE! Yeah, yeah, you guessed it… it’s because they are PINK! But! Also because they stand out and are unique and that’s what we want you to remember when you walk into the studio and walk out. It’s a different experience- it’s a safe place, to feel included, to feel beautiful and no longer feel shy. We want to stand out and we want you to feel like it’s not like any other spray tan studio. 🩷

Come try us out! Let’s flamingle. Sorry. I had to.
This is what happens when you tell your spray tan artist you have a sunburn, but still want a spray tan. This was less than 24 hours later. DHA is drying to the skin, when you have a sunburn it accelerates the peeling process. It doesn’t even have to be a recent sunburn, could have been weeks ago.. this is still the result. 

Be honest, if you don’t.. we will still know 🤣
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